The Merry Colour Black

 This is the simple diy project I told you about in the previous post! In Finland these kinds of electric candle holders are super popular and almost every grandma has one. You can buy them from every market and I guess design enthusiasts or candle light diggers don't think that much of them. 

 Once again I was too hasty to take before-pictures but as you can see, the candle holder was red. And recommended by Santa Claus! It cost me 6 euros at a flea market.
I think they're so cozy and the light they give isn't that bad either. And they touch the soft spot for kitch in my heart. After a touch of black acrylic paint and jute yarn you could almost put this on sale on a design fair, don't you think?

2 kommenttia:

  1. Cool, jotenkin olen aina tykänny noista kyntteliköistä, mutta eipä ole tullut hankittua eikä tällä hetkellä ole kyllä ikkunalautaakaan.
    Toimii mustana.

    1. Joo, mä tykkään niistä kans. Kodikasta on, kun tuohon valot napsauttaa :).


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