Thousand words

I hate being cryptic but at the moment 
this picture describes my feelings better 
than thousand words.

Here comes the sun, little darling.




2012, oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm


A find

Such a beautiful and calming place, not so far from my home. 
This pool seems to be made around a fountain, so that the 
water is changing all the time naturally.


Pretty pretty

Don't you think?


Things to do on Sunday

For many years now Sundays have been my favourite days. I know many people find them boring or even derpressing - it's quiet everywhere and the hurries of the becoming week start to take over one's mind. For me Sunday is some free extra in the end of the week. A day without duties or expectations. I mean, on Saturday you must do the cleaning, hang out in the city or at least party. On Sunday it's ok to be asocial and do something useless but nice, like bake far too many cinnamon rolls for two. Or simply do nothing.

News: I've had a terrible flue for a week now. In spite of that my thesis is ready! Now there are three weeks to finnish my series of paintings for the exhibition. So exciting!