Yerba mate

For some reason, 
it's smell reminds me of my grandfather 
and the tiny room and a drawer, where 
he kept his tobacco and pipe.


Springs for changes

Year after year springtime seems to be the time 
for big changes. And for pastel colours. Last year 
I had the lust for minty green. In these pictures 
I seem to have zoomed on turquoise - a colour like 
candy: good as long as you don't gobble too much.

I'm happy to know that I don't have to leave my 
current home for a while, but one can always dream. 
About a kitchen like the one in the last pic, 
for example.


Girlfriend in a coma

... I know, I know, it's serious. Listen here!

Light is returning to this land and I'm trying to wake up.
Anyone there?