Goodbye Fall

It snowed this evening.


Oulanka National Park

One should make at least one trip to Lapland every year.
More about Oulanka here.


Foggy mornings

My blog's been a bit sleepy lately.
But I haven't! Been painting and screen printing.
Tomorrow I'll be off to north.
We'll see if it'll be all snowy when I come back.

Second pic by my darling. Like a painting by Klimt, isn't it?


Saturday in Bremen

It seems that they send all the small and crappy fruits 
and vegetables for us to Finland and keep the best ones 
themselves! Or at least that's what I would do if I was German.


I live in an old house

...but these pictures are not taken here. In this place, every single detail that could remind of the past or tell, that this house has been here for 80 years, has been hidden and renovated. I find it sad. 

I try to listen to those old logs hidden under the new surface.



One of these mornings

PS: Tuitulla hauska arvonta täällä.