Lonesome shore

These pictures are taken on the public beach of my old hometown. It was just as melancholic as I hoped. Memories: eating a huge pear popsicle until my forehead freezes. The damp and stuffy odor of the dressing room. The serious madame in the kiosk, she had many rings and bracelets. Taking a ride in the carousel before it was time to leave. The breakwater that bears sad stories.



The tablecloth I found from a flea market in my old hometown. I tried to photo it yesterday but it was just miserable - so dark! Happy to have little sunshine today. It also was my last day at work (have worked for about 12 hours per week along with studying for 3,5 years). So strange. 



Last blossoms

...of my parents' garden. Heathers last through winter, though.



My fragrance is Eden by Cacharel. I've been using it for about seven years and wish they'll never stop making it. It's described like this: "The opening blends luminuous citrus notes. The cold water freshness of water lily in the heart is combined with heady floral notes (tuberose, mimose, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley) and sweet juicy fruits (pineapple and mellon). The water notes are in the perfect harmony with sharp patchouli and warm woody base of cedar, sandal and Tonka bean." 

Actually I was a bit surprised after reading about all those ingredients - I gess the final fragrance depends very much on who's skin it's on. I can't find pineapple or mellon but patchouli, sandal and mimosa are strong. Enchanting!

What is your favourite fragrance - bottled or not?


Mister A. in progress

Some exercise done, so much to come. 
50 x 50 cm, acrylic on board.


I stood out and took a picture

... just before it got dark. 


Full of colour

Strange maples growing around here ;). I'd love to have one of those soaps but can't make my mind. The sculpture crawling in the second last picture is by Minta Metteri.


Weekend in Helsinki

As much as I admire my fellow bloggers' sets of numerous photos from their trips to our capital, I find it hard to zoom around when "travelling". Well, at least I managed to take my system cam with me this time - maybe it's a start.

Pictures: 1. From the yard of Cafe Regatta. It's just adorable (thanks, E!). 2. and 3. from the apartment of my cousin (was so exciting to see my work on their living room wall). 4. Had a sandwich and hot chocolate on the boulevard. Those chairs in rows with the tiny tables give such a nice Central European feeling :). 5. There was a fish market going on in the market square. My favourite weather, chilly and sunny.