Happy Go Lucky

A cozy night home.

Hello there sweethearts! I've just spent a long weekend in Helsinki. I've visited one of the best flea markets ever (Tattarisuon antiikkihallin Löytötori recommended by Kaisa from No home without you), seen the symbolists' exhibition in Ateneum, gone nuts about all the odds and sods in Tiger and hanged out with some dear people.

Now it's time for the grey weekdays again. But who would have thought that it's something grey that made me so happy this morning? What a surprise Mikko from Uusi muste had for me!!! No words...

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hei onnea, aivan mahtavaa että voitit! Juuri eilen löysin tieni Mikon blogiin.

    1. Hihi, kiitos! Mikon blogi on kyllä huippu.

  2. Hei tämä olikin mennyt ohi! Eiks oo mahtava paikka...


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