Sweet mint

 Camera stand 0 - mirror 1!

The other day I almost gasped when I saw some fallen leaves of red, orange and yellow on the ground. After all these grey, rainy days I didn't expect to see such colours. They were surreal.

My official status is now unemployed. But I can't remember when was the last time I was bored. Life is pretty exciting - or maybe I just happen to like boring things...


Summer travels 4: Budapest

It's the last bit!

 The four pictures above are from an exhibition called "What is Hungarian?" in the Kunsthalle of Budapest. I'm so sorry I don't have the names of the artists but you may find some info on their website, here.
 Langos. It's greasy, salty and darn good.

 The locks of love don't always need a bridge.
I love Budapest.


Summer travels 3: Brasov

 A Soviet style restaurant car.

One of the few pictures I took in Oradea, on the border. 

 Strada Sfor, one of the narrowest streets in Europe.

We didn't really know what to expect from Romania and didn't realise how surreal it was before we left. From the train windows we saw people travelling on horse carriages, idyllic country houses in the middle of endless fields and villages with poorly built huts that don't probably have running water or central heating. But they had satellite antennas, though. Anyway Brasov was a beautiful place and we felt like home in the lovely Rolling stone hostel. We saw one of those famous Dracula castles and climbed on the hills surrounding the town.


These foolish things

One nice thing is finding a blog that's been there for a while, so that there's lots and lots to read at once.

Another one is finishing a book. The one in the pictures is Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. It left me a bit confused but I do recommend it - I hardly ever finish books I don't like somehow.

It is also nice to "find" some record you haven't been listening for a while. Like Islands by King Crimson. Good music for falls.

The card with oh so fine Mrs. Bear is from Ikea.

This evening we'll go to a concert to listen to some tango!


Summer Travels 2: Krakow

 Fried cheese on the market square.

The wall of Kazimierz, the Jewish ghetto.

The Jewish cemetery. 

Paintings by Filip Kalkowski. 

Krakow was just as beautiful as I remembered but something was missing. There was no trace of that melancholy and decadence I've always loved about Poland. Except in our hostel room, wich looked like a mixture of a wooden country cottage and a storage for old furniture, mistakenly ended up in a wrong dimension inside a city house on a peaceful square.