Busy as a magpie

Signs of spring... Patches of grass on the ground, 
water pouring from the drainpipe, lighter coats 
in town - or your calendar filling up with to-dos
and deadlines. I noticed that someone else in the
 neighbourhood is busy too!



acrylic and oil on canvas
about 85 x 160 cm


The Big Nightingale

I finally got my piece of Maija Louekari's design. 
I actually bought that fabric last summer, but it 
took me this long to get my good old sewing machine 
back home from school (as it's mostly made of metal 
it's quite a nice one to carry around in town and 
in the bus...) A dream for the summer would be a long 
curtain of Louekari's print Kaiku - Echo.


Paper birds

2011, tempera and oil on canvas,
about 70 x 120 cm


One of those days

...you just never want to forget!


Good times

Last weekend was nice, and maybe that's why this week 
has felt so laborious. I've realized that one thing 
I hate above all is making a disappointment

Disappointment - a word that my frien suggested to 
be the name of our once-to-be band. 
Funny I didn't like it :).



Having a flu (last one this winter?).
Wiping off dust.
Liking blue, in the sky and in my new spring coat.
Feeling that I'm finally having a life of my size.