Feather printed curtains

One of the traditions thaught by my mom is having different curtains for summer and winter season. Sadly there are not so many options for different kinds of curtains in our apartment, as it's so small and easily looks too retro, too romantic or too whatever. White curtains are also the best ones for creating an illusion of space. Anyway it felt dull to switch the light white curtains into white thick curtains, so I decided to add little extra with textile paint.

I thought about some graphic figures like dots or squares first, but then I found this Martha Stewart tutorial and decided to go for feathers. Some might think this motive is already a bit passé, but I love it! 

I was a bit suspicious about whether this would work without a press. The result has a home made look, but it ain't too bad, or what do you think? If you want to try this too my tip for you is to use textile colour for light fabrics, that is fluid. I made some tests with more covering colour (meant for dark fabrics) and it was way too stiff to work out properly. You can use a piece of superlon to add the colour.

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  1. I love this, it looks so elegant and understated. I will have to try this.


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