All that you gave

2012, oil on canvas
80 x 80 cm

A very important painting in the process 
I've been going through this spring. 
A key to something meaningful.




The reason for my suddenly more active blogging: my thesis.
The reason for studying how to use layers in Photoshop: my thesis.
Next I'll probably find myself washing the owen...


Short stories

I hadn't heard about Yasunari Kawabata (1899-1972) before when I first saw a title of one of his novels in a magazine. It was called "The Land of Snow". I knew I should get one of his books, juts any of them. And I was right. It's like gazing the full moon while taking a bath in cool water... Well, my words aren't enough to describe it. Read yourself.

The card in the picture below presents a work by Ari Pelkonen, the Young Artist of the Year in Finland. Saw his exhibition last Sunday. He is so posh and so thorough in what he does.


Bit by bit

We are two persons living in a 40 square meter flat and sometimes arranging and decorating it feels like a Tetris game. Yesterday I got fed up with a messy shelf, the result you can see above. The adorable print is a Christmas gift from my talented friend Irene.


Chinese Tray

I've been thinking lots about the word "use" lately. For example, why did I have to buy that little Chinese tray that's too rusty for food, too buckled for a flowerpot and too small for basicly anything? What use is there of it?

One could ask the same question about the occupation I'll soon officially have. What use is there of art and artists? I know that you guys are a nice audience to ask this question :). But some might think differently. 

Lately I've understood that it's the uselessnes that's the point. That little rusty tray looks pretty to me and makes me happy - and those things are just a tiny bit of what art is capable of.



One of the most beautiful things I know.

A dream: to visit Japan when cherry trees blossom.


Sunday Walk

I'll never get bored in the neighbourhood we live in!

What a lovely Sunday... I was on a little winter vacation this week, tomorrow back to painting work again. Wish I'll be able to be more active here too - days are getting longer. That means that taking pictures is getting easier.