The Porch

The porch of my parents' house is cool as a fridge at this time of year - actually it was used as one too during Christmas. I love that 50's narrow wall panel. You can see a glimpse of it in the first picture.

Happy New Year to You!


You better not cry

It's just amazing how dark it can be in a middle of a day. I should have wished for a stand for my camera for Christmas since it's almost impossible to take good pics in this dusk without one.  Sorry for complaining, gess I'm just a bit fed up with these grey days. Good things: decorating gingerbread with a friend. Cleaning up yesterday (oh how pretty it looks in here!). Knowing that next week I'll see snow, at least in the North.


Still here

...or actually not still at all. Today was the first day for a week when I finally had a change to touch the camera when there still was daylight. I've been taking pictures in my dreams, though. It's fascinating - I see things through a lens and pay a lot of attention on cropping the view. Usually those things are more beautiful than anything - my sister drying her long, black hair in front of a white lace curtain, or roses growing by a window of an old house.


Pale shades

Today we had a little bit of snow on the ground. Just a little, but the light was different already. I enjoyed walking to school in this crispy weather. Printed some Christmas cards. Was happy to hear Chopin from the radio.


Feather arrangement

2011, monotype/mixed media
30 x 40 cm

ps. Kiitos Sfumatolle aurinkoisesta kunnianosoituksesta!



Listen to yourself. Easy to say, so hard to assimilate. I know how empty this phrase can sound. But I've found an inkling about what it could be and wish never to lose it. 


Let your heart be light

At first you find fault with the chocolate box mountains in supermarkets. "Now already? Earlier every year!" you think. The next thing is to notice that there are only couple of weeks until Christmas and you've done nothing about it. I wonder if it's just an illusion to actually be able to enjoy every single moment and detail of the wait. Some day, some day...



Melancholy is my drug.
(I gess this has nothing
to do with the pictures.)



This picture is taken couple of years ago because new ones are so hard to get at the moment. After all those grey weeks it seems to be getting colder and brighter, though. Today I walked home from school. It was sunny and quite nice when I left so I decided not to wear a hat. Then at some point my ears absolutely froze over - oh I didn't even remember how painful coldness can be! And when I stepped aside from the road to cross the street I noticed that all the leaves and tiny mushrooms had a white layer of frost on them and had gone all crispy. Unlike in the centrum 30 minutes ago.


Somewhere over the rainbow

...skies are blue, I gess. 

The collage below is on the wall of my working space at school. Things that inspire me now: black, white, grey and dusty, light pink (like in every November?). Birds and feathers. Blossoming trees. Wild animals. Arrangements of flowers, jewellery, mirrors and other stuff.


To wait is a way to seize the day

All the colours seem to have a touch of grey in them. A touch of silence, dampness and wait. The season is perfect for listening Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' songs, like Sweetheart come. 


These days are mostly about grey

Someone had really made the effort to make that so called graffiti on a railway bridge in my old hometown. And to say what... 

I like the little traces in cities that tell that it's citizens aren't asleep. That someone is looking around and thinking, feeling. Like lovelocks and funny stickers. But what kind of a feeling does one get from leaving a stain?


You're wonderfully blue today

...is something I heard for a second time in my life today.

I like wearing blue.


Lonesome shore

These pictures are taken on the public beach of my old hometown. It was just as melancholic as I hoped. Memories: eating a huge pear popsicle until my forehead freezes. The damp and stuffy odor of the dressing room. The serious madame in the kiosk, she had many rings and bracelets. Taking a ride in the carousel before it was time to leave. The breakwater that bears sad stories.



The tablecloth I found from a flea market in my old hometown. I tried to photo it yesterday but it was just miserable - so dark! Happy to have little sunshine today. It also was my last day at work (have worked for about 12 hours per week along with studying for 3,5 years). So strange. 



Last blossoms

...of my parents' garden. Heathers last through winter, though.



My fragrance is Eden by Cacharel. I've been using it for about seven years and wish they'll never stop making it. It's described like this: "The opening blends luminuous citrus notes. The cold water freshness of water lily in the heart is combined with heady floral notes (tuberose, mimose, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley) and sweet juicy fruits (pineapple and mellon). The water notes are in the perfect harmony with sharp patchouli and warm woody base of cedar, sandal and Tonka bean." 

Actually I was a bit surprised after reading about all those ingredients - I gess the final fragrance depends very much on who's skin it's on. I can't find pineapple or mellon but patchouli, sandal and mimosa are strong. Enchanting!

What is your favourite fragrance - bottled or not?