Fifteen feet of pure white snow

One never has to spend too much time in thinking about a title for the post because there are always other people's song titles to use!

Yesterday it felt like the first day of spring. Or maybe that's too much to say but at least there was a promise of spring in the air. Today it's snowing as it never snowed before.

Well, that's enough with the weather talk. Back to work!


If things were ideal

...we would have a proper utility room and I didn't have to worry about cropping off the laundry stand that's right next to the table. Oh well, fresh tulips, the new Deko magazine and pesto baguettes I made yesterday are quite ideal. Keep on cropping, darlings!


The Restaurant Day

Our Art Cafe ERO was such a success! After two long days of hard work and couple of nightmares I couldn't be happier. On Friday we spent five hours in turning the gloomy gallery space of our school into a cozy cafe. It was 10 pm when we were done and were all too tired for anything else than satisfied nods. So let me brag a bit: It was so rewarding to hear the gasps of our friends the next day! We heard comments like "If I didn't know where I was I wouldn't believe it" or "Could we just turn this gallery into a permanent cafe?". 

Based on the Facebook event I was expecting about 50 persons to arrive. We ended up having over 130. In the end of the day we had to buy cookies from a store 'cause all the home baked stuff was gone. I got good feedback from my two carrot cakes too :). What delighted me most was the fact that people were actually staying there, some even for hours. And most of the people had never been to our school or the gallery before.

If you think about participating in the Restaurant day, have a good bunch of friends to organize it with and a nice place where to have it... I totally recommend.



2012, oil on canvas

This one's pretty small, about the size of an A4 sheet. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a part of the final series.