At the Office

 This is where me and my three colleagues work.
 Paintings by Matti.

 Laura's drawing.
 Niina's workstead...

 ...and her paintings in progress.
 From the windows we see the courtyard.
 My corner.


Wannabe food blogger

A basic bread dough easily turns into something special. Just add some pesto, feta and sun dried tomatoes and roll.

Have a nice Saturday evening!



Tiny autumn holiday

I remember you, 2012, oil on canvas

Greetings from my hometown! I came to visit my parents and have been enjoying their company, good food and a special treat: sunny weather. But as I logged into my blog on their computer I noticed something shocking: the title of my blog was written on Comic Sans! What the heck :D? I immediately changed the cool font I had back to a basic one. Maybe some browsers or computers don't support Blogger's web fonts? Anyone else that has noticed the same problem?

It's a pity I didn't take my camera with me. The painting above is a part of the series I painted last spring and I gess I haven't shown it here before.


Not so poor

In Finnish the French toast is called "Köyhät ritarit", which means something like "Poor knights". I couldn't find an explanation to the etymology... I made them the other day and was a bit suspicious. I had only some leftovers to use - no cream, no jam. "This time it's going to be really poor", I thought to myself. Instead of jam I used some apple mash made by my mother in law and instead of cream I simply added some sugar and vanilla on Turkish youghurt. And voila - better than ever!


Favourite Pasta

A food tip for the weekend! This is one of my favourites. You need spinach tagliatelle, carrots and zucchini, oil, cream and spices of your choice.

Cook the tagliatelle. Use a spoon to hollow the zucchini. Peel the carrots. Make thin, long, "tagliatelle-like" slices from the vegetables (you can use a peeling knife). Add some oil on a pan and quickly fry the vegetables, so that they turn a bit soft. Add cream and spices. Mix with the pasta and decorate with parmesan chips if you like.


Summer's End

These pictures are taken at our summer cottage, which is the childhood home of my grandfather. I'm so glad I had a chance to visit it in the end of summer. It really is one of the dearest places I know. Last summer me and my fiance spent two weeks there, this time I was there with my parents, godparents, sister and cousin. And two adorable dogs. It was only for two nights but it's better than nothing!

 We picked berries to make juice. I took six bottles home and now there's only half a bottle left.

 Leevi is an old gentleman.

 Perttu wants to test all possible places for swimming.
Talking about Summer's End, if you are looking for some delight for your week why wouldn't you go and see Wes Andersons Moonrise Kingdom. I saw it a week ago and loved it.

PS. Huomasin, että täällä oli vieraillut joku Kambodzasta :). A., jos se olit sinä niin halaus ja terveiset P:lle!