It's been a hard day's night

Hi there! I've been silent here due to my school hurries. I'm painting a series of oil paintings for the exhibition of graduating art students which is held in May. I'm also in the editorial group of an art zine that'll be published in April, and next Saturday we'll take part in the Restaurant Day... AND there's a thesis to make. And and.

Anyway I don't want to take an official break from blogging because who knows when I manage to snap a shot I want to post :). Hope you'll stick around!


The right time for tulips

Nowadays it's possible to buy tulips already in November but I can't. To me they're spring flowers. Spring? Now that the temperature is finally under zero? Oh well, we've come over the holidays. Spring enough.


At last

Winter came. It calms me. Reminds me that some things that always have been still remain. It's amazing how light can affect one's mood.



2011, tempera and oil on canvas

I finished this one couple of months ago, so it's a bit weird to post it here now when my thoughts are already somewhere else. But there are some things I still like about this piece. And that's rare when it comes to my paintings (usually I end up covering them with white and starting all over again).


Taken by surprise

It was a long day at school but I'm so happy I decided to walk home and take the longer route. Otherwise I would have missed this amazing sight. These pictures tell only a hint about how beautiful it was. Like walking in a moving painting.

My promises for the new year: to work hard with my graduation. And to drink lots of some fine tea. Have you promised something?

PS. Tampereella liikkuville lisätietoa valotapahtumasta täältä.