Made some whipped lingonberry porridge. The girl in the last picture has been on the side of the semolina package for as long as I remember. Last Saturday I did some flea market shopping and found that lovely dish of the second pic - there's always room for one little adorable cup...

Last week was so warm and summerly! Our graduation exhibition is over and now I'm just waiting for my diploma. I'm eagerly looking for a studio so I could continue painting. It's strange to work so hard with something for the whole year and then suddenly there's even not a place to keep doing it anymore. But I'm hopeful.

I feel that something should be done with this blog too - been wondering about the meaning of this quite a lot lately. Maybe it's just some little thing with the appearance, maybe something more radical.



My fingers aren't particularly green and gardening is something I wish to learn more about some day in the future. But I couldn't resist planting some flowers on our porch. And maybe this is something I should do more often - it seems to reduce the stress more than many other things.

PS. This is post number 100! My style seems to be slow but firm :).


Hi there

I have had few of the most pressing months in my life but fortunately it's all gone super well :). Our magazine is out, the exhibition is on and yesterday we had one of our side events, "the night of the museums". We had over 500 visitors there which is just amazing. Next week we'll open one day cafes in both of our two exhibition locations. I'll post some photos but meanwhile please take a look on our website: ero.tamk.fi.

Baby leaves have appeared in last couple of days. The pages of my calendar are full for the two becoming weeks and after that they're absolutely blank. Crazy.