The Porch

The porch of my parents' house is cool as a fridge at this time of year - actually it was used as one too during Christmas. I love that 50's narrow wall panel. You can see a glimpse of it in the first picture.

Happy New Year to You!


You better not cry

It's just amazing how dark it can be in a middle of a day. I should have wished for a stand for my camera for Christmas since it's almost impossible to take good pics in this dusk without one.  Sorry for complaining, gess I'm just a bit fed up with these grey days. Good things: decorating gingerbread with a friend. Cleaning up yesterday (oh how pretty it looks in here!). Knowing that next week I'll see snow, at least in the North.


Still here

...or actually not still at all. Today was the first day for a week when I finally had a change to touch the camera when there still was daylight. I've been taking pictures in my dreams, though. It's fascinating - I see things through a lens and pay a lot of attention on cropping the view. Usually those things are more beautiful than anything - my sister drying her long, black hair in front of a white lace curtain, or roses growing by a window of an old house.


Pale shades

Today we had a little bit of snow on the ground. Just a little, but the light was different already. I enjoyed walking to school in this crispy weather. Printed some Christmas cards. Was happy to hear Chopin from the radio.


Feather arrangement

2011, monotype/mixed media
30 x 40 cm

ps. Kiitos Sfumatolle aurinkoisesta kunnianosoituksesta!



Listen to yourself. Easy to say, so hard to assimilate. I know how empty this phrase can sound. But I've found an inkling about what it could be and wish never to lose it.