First I begun to wonder, how many knits in all the shades of oatmeal can a girl have... And now it's happening with tights!


Sweetness after an effort

Last week I wanted to change curtains but then I remembered that I hadn't washed the windows during this summer. I couldn't bare the idea of putting clean curtains on dirty windows so I had to wash them first. Then I noticed that the lane wasn't wide enough for the curtain rods so the next thing to do was to unravel and sew them again. 

But it was all worth it! I gess I'll never get bored in Lumimarja (Snow berry), a fabric by Marimekko.



The rapid that runs through our town 
was empty of water for a week. 
Ofcourse people went down to explore it, 
some had even metal detectors 
to find old coins or rings. 
It felt as if a strange planet 
had landed in the middle of everything.



Yellow is a song by Coldplay, 
and it starts to ring in my head whenever 
I think about the English word for the colour. 
Leaves are still green but 
I'm already in the mood of that soap baggage... 
Reading Herta Müller. 
She's got sentences 
that make you skip one heart beat.



Why haven't I made it before? 
I think it earns the second place in 
the awards of budget dishes, 
right after tomato and lentil soup.


They call her Heather Grey

Sometimes a day can turn out to be perfect, 
when you don't expect it at all.

The closest cafe happens to be a cafe of an old 
sightseeing tower, built in 1929. They make the best 
doughnuts in town - almost as good as my grandma 
used to make. Visited it with my dear friend, 
went to school to do some printmaking, had a huge 
goat cheece sandwich and went out into the 
evening sun, air full of oxygen after rain.

Heathers are blooming. There's autumn in the 
air and it feels good.


As far as I remember

2011, cardboard graphic/ mixed media
about 70 x 45 cm

I made six unique prints with this plate,
changing colours and the look on her face.