Rhubarb, red and lion yellow

I tend to avoid combinations of primary colours - too much assosiations in traffic signs, logos and other informative and boring stuff. Except when it's summer. Now I long for the purest shades of red, blue and yellow. Or actually, a tiny hint of orange makes the yellow absolutely perfect... 


A day off

Yesterday I had a day off. I didn't want to promise anything because it's so enjoyable to prolong the undertaking, feel all those open possibilities and drink more coffee. I stayed in my nightie until noon, wrote a letter, went to town by bus just because I didn't feel like cycling and made buns and soup that represented some kind of Thai-Finnish fusion kitchen...

Today: Windows still unwashed. Getting ready for sad news. 
But a comforting, beautiful sunset.


Summer is here and I'm in love

Saturday evening, friends and barbeque. My absolutely favourite food during the summer time is halloumi with red pepper! Oh I would like to spend all my evenings like this, watching the sun go down and welcoming the white, nightless night without worrying about tomorrow's wake-up.


We were in Paris

Easter in Paris. Seems that I was more interested in looking around with my own bare eyes than through the lens... But here's a sneak peek anyway. A five-day-trip was just a scratch on the surface, but at least we got a tiny inkling of the athmosphere. We had our most expensive beers so far in Le Select, visited de Beauvoir and Sartre in the graveyard of Montparnasse, sipped white wine on our tiny balcony in Montmartre and had onion soup and crème brûlée. Those green pictures above are from Marie-Antoinettes estate in Versailles - one of my favourites, like an oasis after all the city noise.