To wait is a way to seize the day

All the colours seem to have a touch of grey in them. A touch of silence, dampness and wait. The season is perfect for listening Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' songs, like Sweetheart come. 

3 kommenttia:

  1. Love this place you photographed.

    It does feel like a quieter time, a time for turning inward, for contemplation... for soup making and bread...

  2. The first photo has beautiful colours. The season of grey has a stillness that inspires a different way of seeing and dreaming.

  3. Janis, all these pictures are taken on the same road that is on my way to school. I love it too :). Right now it's quarter past four in the evening and it's as dark as if it was already time to go to bed - but I just made buns and will light more candles to keep the darkness in a distance.

    P.K., I love that warm terracotta tone too. So many people around here are anxiously waiting for the snow. At times I feel them because sometimes you just want things to move somewhere. But mostly the greyness has been fine.


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