Lonesome shore

These pictures are taken on the public beach of my old hometown. It was just as melancholic as I hoped. Memories: eating a huge pear popsicle until my forehead freezes. The damp and stuffy odor of the dressing room. The serious madame in the kiosk, she had many rings and bracelets. Taking a ride in the carousel before it was time to leave. The breakwater that bears sad stories.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Todella kauniisti nuo siankärsämön (luulisin olevan niitä) lehdet ovat levittäytyneet hiekalle. Ja kovin kauniisti syksy on ne värjännyt.

  2. Love this collage of memories. Like a story, I can picture it in my mind...

  3. The second photo is my favourite. A great set. I could hear the water and feel the chill.

  4. Ilona: Juu, eivätköhän ne niitä ole. Siankärsämöt ovat muuten ihania kukkia, tajusin sen vasta viime kesänä.

    Janis: Love to see you around again :).

    P.K., thank you! I was very happy with this set too so it makes me glad to hear you think so too.


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