This picture is taken couple of years ago because new ones are so hard to get at the moment. After all those grey weeks it seems to be getting colder and brighter, though. Today I walked home from school. It was sunny and quite nice when I left so I decided not to wear a hat. Then at some point my ears absolutely froze over - oh I didn't even remember how painful coldness can be! And when I stepped aside from the road to cross the street I noticed that all the leaves and tiny mushrooms had a white layer of frost on them and had gone all crispy. Unlike in the centrum 30 minutes ago.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Täälläkin on kirkasta ja kylmää. Kun viettää ulkona tovin, alkaa naama punertamaan ja silmätkin vetistyy viimasta. Tällä hetkellä taivas on mustan ja tähtien täyttämä, hieno sekin.

  2. Varista, tuollainen hetki tekis nyt terää.


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