Holes in the cheese

There are misfortunes in life, big ones and small ones. A rather small one would be that all the apple blossoms fell down before I got a picture of them. But as a wise man, Esko Valtaoja has said: "Misfortunes in life are like holes in the cheese. You won't mind them when you're eating." Apple blossoms will be there next year once again.

And if you want to forget about the cheese and the holes you can try these sandwiches: rye bread, some mayo, lettuce, eggs and a hint of salt. Yummy!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hmm, enpä olekaan koittanut majoneesia ruisleivällä. Kuulostaa hyvältä!

  2. Kannattaa testata! Ruisleipä on kuivahdettuaan usein vähän ankeaa, mutta majoneesi tepsi kummasti.


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