A day off

Yesterday I had a day off. I didn't want to promise anything because it's so enjoyable to prolong the undertaking, feel all those open possibilities and drink more coffee. I stayed in my nightie until noon, wrote a letter, went to town by bus just because I didn't feel like cycling and made buns and soup that represented some kind of Thai-Finnish fusion kitchen...

Today: Windows still unwashed. Getting ready for sad news. 
But a comforting, beautiful sunset.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Nämä kuvat sykähdyttävät.

    Se, kuinka kuppi sointuu mekkoon. Vai mekko kuppiin?

  2. Ilona, heh, joo, se oli aika hauska puolisattuma :).

  3. Your photos are bright, hopeful and full and happiness. Somehow they seem to show strength and courage against the coming sad news. Big hugs to you dear Sohvi.

  4. Janis, you have the gift of seeing sharp and putting it down to words. Sad things will always be the other side of life, but yes, I know what happiness is and hope it will help me cope through anything. Hugs to you!


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