Dear Santa...

I made a little wishing list of things I don't need but are sweet. What I really asked for Christmas is a respirator mask (you might wonder why but try painting with oil paints and solvents x days a week and soon you'll know...), a shell suit for jogging and a new coffee pot for our Mocca master (the current one is missing a piece) :D.

But let's drop the rationality for a moment.

New Lappish shoes would give joy for years ahead. The ones I have now (seen in the previous post) are bought six years ago from a flea market and are about to reach the end of the road. Pic here.

The Sarjaton ("Seriesless") glass and Kartio ("Cone") jug by Iittala, pics from their site.

The Hauska ("Funny") towels and Fantti linen by Finlayson.

The prettiest chopping board I've seen is called Puutarhurin parhaat which means about "The gardener's best" and the cheerful mug Kulkue ("Parade"). Both by Marimekko.

Colourful lights by La Case de Cousin Paul. Pic here.

And finally one of my favourite movies I would like to have at hand, Marie Antoinette. Pic from imdb.

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