Summer travels 3: Brasov

 A Soviet style restaurant car.

One of the few pictures I took in Oradea, on the border. 

 Strada Sfor, one of the narrowest streets in Europe.

We didn't really know what to expect from Romania and didn't realise how surreal it was before we left. From the train windows we saw people travelling on horse carriages, idyllic country houses in the middle of endless fields and villages with poorly built huts that don't probably have running water or central heating. But they had satellite antennas, though. Anyway Brasov was a beautiful place and we felt like home in the lovely Rolling stone hostel. We saw one of those famous Dracula castles and climbed on the hills surrounding the town.

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  1. What beautiful photos from your travels. Thank you for sharing them. Romania seems like a place from another time.


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