I was asked to define 'happy' the other day...

...I think this is quite about it.

Today I made my favourite Indian dish, Palak paneer, for the second time this week, simply because I was so glad realising one can make it at home too. Another happy thing was that there were some wonderful surprises in the mailbox from my parents and little sister. I also got an adorable present from my friend Tuittu earlier, and the book about works of the ever-captivating Helene Schjerfbeck from my fiancé. So thank you all, you're spoiling me!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Höpsis, you´re clearly worth of spoiling. Ihania lahjoja kaiken kaikkiaan. Pianpa jo nähdään, pitkästä aikaa!

    1. Oli kiva nähdä! Ensi kerralla pidemmin, toivon :).


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