The Restaurant Day

Our Art Cafe ERO was such a success! After two long days of hard work and couple of nightmares I couldn't be happier. On Friday we spent five hours in turning the gloomy gallery space of our school into a cozy cafe. It was 10 pm when we were done and were all too tired for anything else than satisfied nods. So let me brag a bit: It was so rewarding to hear the gasps of our friends the next day! We heard comments like "If I didn't know where I was I wouldn't believe it" or "Could we just turn this gallery into a permanent cafe?". 

Based on the Facebook event I was expecting about 50 persons to arrive. We ended up having over 130. In the end of the day we had to buy cookies from a store 'cause all the home baked stuff was gone. I got good feedback from my two carrot cakes too :). What delighted me most was the fact that people were actually staying there, some even for hours. And most of the people had never been to our school or the gallery before.

If you think about participating in the Restaurant day, have a good bunch of friends to organize it with and a nice place where to have it... I totally recommend.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, congratulations. The art cafe looks fabulous, all the hard work was certainly worth it.

  2. Oh Sohvi - I would completely hang around there! It looks so cozy and warm - a real transformation. Beautiful job and congratulations! X

  3. Näyttää todella kauniilta, ihanaa ku tuollaista järjestetään.

  4. Thank you P.K., I'm still soo happy about it.

    Janis, thank you, wish we can do it again some day...

    Varista, niinpä - minusta tuli kertaheitolla ravintolapäivän fani :).


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