Taken by surprise

It was a long day at school but I'm so happy I decided to walk home and take the longer route. Otherwise I would have missed this amazing sight. These pictures tell only a hint about how beautiful it was. Like walking in a moving painting.

My promises for the new year: to work hard with my graduation. And to drink lots of some fine tea. Have you promised something?

PS. Tampereella liikkuville lisätietoa valotapahtumasta täältä.

3 kommenttia:

  1. nam nam noiden valojen kanssa haluisin tanssia

  2. You know what surprises me? In your first photo I see a little person running with long hair (in the streaks of light, left of center). Do you see it?

    This year I want to dig into my art more, go deeper.

  3. NJJ: Hei, aika mahti-idea! Vois ehdottaa, että järjestäisivät vaikka ensi syksynä samanlaisen valoshown ja siihen kylkeen diskon...

    Janis: Is it lilac :D? I didn't see anything at first but maybe if i look close enough...


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